Welcome to Mires of Chile: a space with resources on Education, Conservation and Renaturation. Here you will find materials to understand, teach about and protect these important ecosystems of Chile and the southern hemisphere, in order to counteract the climate change.

Periodically we will post and comment articles, methodologies and materials about the genesis, ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem functions of these environments and other wonderfull wetlands from the south of the world. We will also post some notes about our activities on the investigation and the dissemination of information about mires and wetlands.


On the links associated to this menu you will find a lot of information related to mires and wetlands of Chile. Welcome to these wonderful and important environments!

Who are we

We are Carolina and Marvin, professionals who are specialised in conservation and restoration of peatlands and wetlands in Chile and the southern hemisphere. Our work-expertise includes investigations projects on different continents and in different ecosystem, about sustainable use and conservation of these environments. Another branch is environmental education for schools, communities and institutions about a wise use of mires and wetlands.

In Chile we intend to spread knowledge about the importance of mires and wetlands through different initiatives. Our first one is called HumedArte: artworks made with wetlands and mires plant rests. Our second one is EARTH-Patagonia (Entrenamiento Activo en Restauración y Conservación de Turberas y Humedales Altoandinos y Australes de la Patagonia Chilena), an initiative to provide responsible and effective advice for projects in terms of sustainable management of ecosystems, soils, hydrology and biodiversity. Therefore we incorporate principles of integrated natural resource management, landscape ecology, soil science and sociology.

What we do

We want to present to you HumedArte, where you can find handmade botanical handicrafts to enjoy and spread the beauty of Chilean wetlands and mires flora.

Other of our initiatives is EARTH-Patagonia, a formal work we offer to build institutional, community and entrepreneurial capacities for protection and conservation of mires and wetlands, and for adaption to climate change.

The other initiative is our campaign Educating on Wetland Protection to bring our workshops on wetlands and mires to the most remote towns of the Chilean Patagonia.

Thanks a lot for your support to our conservationist mission for mires and wetlands in Chile.